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Always a Dangerous Thing
A Fundy is a Fundy is a Fundy
A Not-So Shining Example of Reasoning
Atheist Angst
Avoid authorizing stupidity!
Battle of the Ts
Bigots Howling over Rowling?
Canajun, eh? Pity!
Captive at the Mercy . . .
David Wolpe Demonstrating Sam's Point
Dawkins on Hitchens
Deism and Theism
Dembski Caught Stealing and Backpeddaling
Descrimination begets Discrimination
Despicable, yes. But, sick fucktard?
Developmental Atheism
Dutch Treat?
Final Numbers
Fly Away Home
From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
God's Dupes
Good for something
He Can't Be Serious
Haidt Hype
Holy Drawers, Batman!
How Wide a Brush?
Hurrah for Europe!
Immaterial to the Case
Instinct vs Morality
Jesus is Dead, Folks
Keeping Bad Company
Lash the Kids?
Latter Day Stupids
Lest I forget
Misled by 'Common Sense'
Overextrapolating the Boundaries
Peaceful Coexistence?
Phew Pew
Ra's returning
Robert Hooke folio online
Santa Claws
Scientific, spiritual, angry?
Some Atheists are Irredeemably Ignorant
Stirring up Antediluvian Soup
Stupid Arguments
Style Complementarity in Atheist Activism
Suffer the Little Children
Technorati's Censorship?
Testing, testing . . . 1, 2, 3
Theistic Fallacies
The Great God Divide
The Immorality of Absolute Morality
The Latest Discrimination
The Yawning Chasm
They are Not Amused
Through a Mirror Reflectively
'Twas the Troll before Christmess
Two things only . . .
What's in a Name
Whine & Cheese

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