Dembski Caught Stealing and Backpeddaling

One could wish that the backpeddaling involved an admission that IDiocy is, well, idiocy. But no, that would be too honest.

Instead the backpeddaling involves unapologetic retreat now that he's been caught plagiarizing the product of real science. I love it – these schmucks are not content to attack science, they have to steal science to make their ridiculous teleological analogies look good. In fact, their entire program has rested upon stealing those elements of scientific data that suit their nefarious purposes, while ignoring the huge number of inconvenient bits.

Dembski probably blithely assumed that no evolutionist would attend one of his lectures or that any who might slip in would not be familiar with XVIVO's wonderful video (Inner Life of the Cell). Just to make sure of this, he changed the title and credits, blathering on about analogies with the function of a city – presumably so that his creationist audience could follow him. This strategy probably appeared necessary considering the response of his slavishly devoted readers to biological terminology such as "lucocytes".

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