Lest I forget

One of these days I may find time to learn how to write the code for polls. Until I do, I'm limited to Google's polls or one of the online poll generators.

I set up a Google poll a little while ago and wanted to post the results before it closes. Thanks to everyone who participated.

If you wish to make your mark on the poll, there are a few days remaining.

The poll set-up did not allow for instructions, so some people were obviously a little confused by the questions.

When I realized this, I added the following request: "If you wish to participate in the poll below, please indicate whether your background is liberal or conservative and amidst or in which of the Abrahamic religions you were raised." I shall assume that the percentages of respondents in the categories before and after that clarification were approximately equivalent:

liberal 68%
conservative 32%

Christianity 93%
Islam 3%
Judaism 3%

I had expected that liberal backgrounds would appear overrepresented because I suspected that it's easier to deconvert to atheism from liberal roots. I could not ask the country in which respondents lived.

At top left is a map of religiosity in the US (lightest less than 35%, tan 35-50%, orange 50-75%, and most horrifying of all, brown at over 75%).

Potential atheism (below) could be taken as the inverse of this map (right).

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