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Are you an obstinately ignorant science student? If so, the producers of "Excreta: Men in Diapers" might want to use you. Just think of it, your IDiocy could be immortalized on celluloid! The whole world could know that you are, at least in this regard, a whiny, illogical, uneducated, twit. Here's description of the invitation to inanity:

"Ever sat in class and had your professor straight up challenge your intelligence for suggesting even the possibility of an intelligent design in the universe?

Tired of being labeled merely for questioning aspects of the Darwinian theory of evolution? Ever been scoffed at or ridiculed in front of your peers?

Well, here’s your opportunity to tell your story on our Website AND possibly be in the movie, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”! Tell the world some of the outrageous things your professors say about your questions.

You and your story just might be chosen by our producers to be in the film, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”! Let your voice be heard!"

Frankly, I think that any science student who is complaining about such things really ought to be expelled for deliberately failing to meet adequate standards of knowedge in the field. Such IDiocy is the equivalent of suggesting that physicians should revert to opening veins to release 'bad humors'.

The movie, which I have no intention of paying good money, even bad money, to see, is testament to the infantility of the IDiocy movement. (Yes, I suppose that dressing Ben Stein up was a tad infantile – but, in my defense, I say only that it was fun!)

The import of the production appears to be that some poor, unfortunate, badly-done-by, pseudoheroes of IDiocy have been rejected by the legitimate science community for their illogical devotion to bad science and lies. As though the rejection of pseudoscience demonstrates the underlying validity of the pseudoscience. This is no more reasonable than to claim that the driving of Joseph Smith and his polygamous gold-tablet nutters from a series of towns demonstrated that Christians were rejecting a more valid, though newly-invented, mythology. This movie will no more demonstrate that there is a foundation for belief in SkyBrain than does the reported conversion of Anthony Flew to deism.

Of course, the sheep who are devoted followers of ID bleatings will probably flock to the movie and will feel vindicated in their complaints about to-them incomprehensible science.

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