I have been taking a closer look at Richard Dawkins because of a discussion that I recently read between an theist and a theist who contends that Dawkins is a cult figure. Judging by the ad hominem attacks on Dawkins and illogical attacks on his message, his campaign for-science-against-religion is successful.

Dawkins on Hitchens : The Times Literary Supplement features (September 05, 2007) an interesting review by Richard Dawkins of Christopher Hitchens' "God is not great". . . more.

Theistic Fallacies : A variety of illogical attacks against atheism are misdirected toward Richard Dawkins and the New Atheist spokespeople. . . more.

Atheist Call to Arms .
Dawkins: CNN interview .
Dawkins: God Delusion and Beyond .
Dawkins on Scripture .
Creationist Distortions: the faked video that so delighted science-ignorant creationists . Creationist Hoax Exposed: how the Australian creationists faked a video in an attempt to discredit Richard Dawkins.


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