Testing, testing . . . 1, 2, 3

Last week, I happened to notice that my feed to Planet Atheism was not showing up. That's the test portion of this post. The glitch is supposedly fixed, so I'm checking.

I read Planet Atheism because it's easier than checking for 'atheism' on Technorati. Besides, where else could one happen on a photo of humping hogs? On PA, I happened to notice TW's complaints in Annoying Blogroll. In a similar vein, someone else (sorry, I've forgotten who, but you can let me know if you read this) complained that the best of atheist bloggers have not been specifically selected for stardom in the manner of ScienceBlogs. I also noticed during the recent Weblog Awards, that religion blogs had a separate category whereas atheism got no mention. Harrumph on that, though I can't say I'm surprised.

I'm not tech-capable enough to suggest remedies for any of these situations. I blog purely because I enjoy writing because it helps me to clarify my thoughts and forces me to do some research. I'd be interested to know why others choose to blog rather than merely joining the commentariat. ?????????????????????????

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