The Latest Discrimination

The Religious Right [wrong!] has long promoted hate-filled moralistic discrimination against groups of whom they disapprove. Those with the temerity to admit that they do not believe in God are the latest targets of these intolerant and monumentally ignorant folk.

In a post titled To those who believe that atheists face no discrimination was a link to this piece of trash that makes me even happier that I am Canadian and an atheist!

'You must believe' – what a ridiculous misinterpretation of freedom of religion and speech!

Alice Shannon of Soldotna, Alaska appears unaware of the fact that a far higher proportion of the religious rather than of atheists commit crimes. I refer not merely to actual numbers of religious criminals versus atheist criminals, but to the fact that atheists are underrepresented in the criminal factions. Why? Atheists are more likely than the religious to have higher levels of education and the educated are less likely to commit violent crimes. They commit white collar crimes, if they commit crimes at all. (My bet is that the Enron perpetrators were actually religious.)

However, even F-Alice-ous must have heard of this statistic. She argues, purely on emotional grounds, that even if atheists have not committed a crime that this approximately 10% of the USian population is still responsible for the rampancy of crime. Perhaps, knowing that atheists are usually brighter and better educated than the religious, F-Alice-ous believes that atheists, like Danny Ocean, are the masterminds who direct goon religionists to commit crimes. By this reasoning, American prisons are full of religious felons because these criminals are daft enough to get caught.

In her bigotted stupidity, F-Alice-ous is actually ignoring the root causes of crime in America. These include America's policy of slavery and subsequent maltreatment of African Americans; First Amendment protection of gun-related crime; family violence and abuse of children, including authoritarian parenting styles; and, conservative-policies-supported poverty (like Dick Cheney, greedy conservatives have 'never met a welfare proogram they liked').

The further ruin of the US has been brought upon Americans not by atheism but by the worst president in history. Despite his record of lies and incompetence and the enormous cost of his Alienate-Hearts-and-Minds War-to-Invite-Terror, religious bigots love Dubaya because he tells them that God gives him directions. This of course, is quite plausible since Dubaya clearly is not getting any good advice.

I did find something good on the website that posted the video: Manikin Moonwalk a bird with da moves.



Vulcan said...

Though it doesn't completely negate your assertions or conclusions, that letter to the editor of the Alaska paper was actually a hoax, a prank, which was admitted by its author later and noted by the newspaper itself:

Policy Won't Change for One Problem Letter

That was brought up in the comments of the original blogger's entry. I wish I'd seen that before I also shared the image with a few others! I trusted the veracity of the image in your entry before I discovered the real truth of it. Sometimes pictures don't tell THE WHOLE thousand words....

The Vulcan Tourist

salient said...

Interesting information, vulcan.

I suppose that for any hoax to be convincing it must:
a) look authentic
b) sound plausible

It looked authentic because it appeared to have been printed in a newspaper, which it was.

It sounded plausible because I've encountered quite a few religionists who express similarly ill-informed and angry sentiments. If I were to look for religionist bigotries, I'm sure I'd find more.

My local paper will withold identity on request, but will not print any letter to the editor if they could not confirm the identity of the writer (name or email address). I'm not sure whether they check identity before printing. They certainly print some **** because this provokes reaction.

One wonders whether the Peninsula Clarion was actually pulling a 'Ben Franklin'.