Developmental Atheism

I think that most atheists in Western society have passed through a series of conceptual stages:

1) blank-slate aconceptual at birth (to coin a neologism);

2) magic-thinking acceptance of the simplest, most widely publicized explanation ("God did it" theistic stage);

followed by 3)

a) disbelief in deities (atheistic non-acceptance of deistic or theistic claims)


b) uncertainty (agnosticism = we can't know either way).


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That_Gay_Boi said...

This made me giggle, mostly because that is EXACTLY how I developed my Atheism. When I was 10, I considered myself a Devout Wiccan because I wanted magic to exist. It wasn't until I turned 13 (last year, now I am 14) that I realized my atheism. Great post, great blog.