Discrimination begets Discrimination

But I look so gay!Some victims of segregation fight against discrimination, some, like many fundamentalists, become discriminators. Just as some children of alcoholics become teetotalers, while others become alcoholics.

You have probably seen the latest news about a burly conservative Christian pastor of an evangelical fundamentalist megachurch who has vowed to take over Microsoft. This is not a move motivated by the urge to improve Microsoft’s product, instead it’s a bid to thwart the company's policy of championing gay rights by packing the Microsoft board with new bigotry-prone shareholders.

"I consider myself a warrior for Christ. Microsoft don't scare me. I got God with me.”

Such bad grammar is hardly a surprise from a former linebacker, though it could reflect the need to join with the ‘common man’ in his congregation, or it could reflect Rev Ken's background. Hutcherson grew up in segregated Alabama and boasts that he played football to "hurt whites." Now he has converted to what he fondly imagines is a “Christian”, and he has shifted the target of his rage to one of the Bible’s targets. Hutcherson, doubtless on the basis of utter lack of education about science or sociology, has chosen to believe that homosexuality is a sin rather than a biological phenomenon.

"How many homosexuals have you ever seen had to ride on the back of a bus? I haven't seen one. I know that many blacks have in the past.”
This is a classic example of self-justification (rationalization), just as his anti-gay stance may reflect a combination of displacement, compensation, or, as was the case with Ted Haggard, reaction formation.

"I've never seen an ex-black. Michael Jackson couldn't even achieve that. But I've seen ex-gays. We minister to them every day. We talk to them about how to get out of that sin."
Yeah, right, as though gays can really change their preferences even though they can stop acting on them, as though promoting hatred is a lesser sin. I don't care whether or not someone is gay or straight, I only care whether people are happy without harming others. The Rev Ken appears not to be happy unless he's harming others. It is loudmouthed bullies like him who have given religion a bad name because they use it to legitimize their sins.


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