Latter Day Stupids

In an interview with New York Times Magazine, GOP hopeful, former Arkansas governor and ordained Southern Baptist minister, Mike Huckabee was asked if he considered Mormonism to be a "cult or religion."

"I think it's a religion. I really don't know much about it," Huckabee responded. Huckabee then asked,"Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"

A LDS church spokesman refuted the notion, as did other GOP hopeful, Mormon Mitt Romney.

All mythologies include elements of the ridiculous, some more than others. In reaction to the apparent confusion about their religion's beliefs, the LA Times provides an overview of Mormon theology. The article is a comical read – or should I say tragic?

The answer is that, yes, Mormonism does officially include the belief that Jesus and Lucifer are bro's.

The lamentable fact is that less Americans would vote for a rationalist than for someone who believes that native Americans, whose ancestors actually arrived from Asia, are secretly the descendants of Laman, the son of a Middle Eastern prophet called Lehi. To make matters worse, originating with Joseph Smith's personal 19th century prejudices, the Lamanites (native Americans) are portrayed as wicked.

The other mythical American tribe, the Nephites, the Children of God, were supposedly descended from another son of Lehi, one Nephi. The Nephites and Lamanites merged after Jesus paid a surprise visit to North America following his crucifiction and resurrection in the Middle East. (The surprise is that Jesus bothered to make this side trip rather than going directly to heaven, and that the trip remained unknown to Christians until Joseph Smith's literary antics behind a blanket. I daresay that had this trip ever happened, it would also have been a great surprise to the then residents of America, and should have found its way into their folk mythologies.)

America's international reputation has plummeted since the (non)election of the current Moron, but one shudders to think how the election of someone who believes in vanishing golden tablets, posthumous weddings, and Jesus' "Post Crucifiction" tour of America would further damage the world's opinion of America. Remember that Mormon is only one 'm' beyond moron.

As to the difference between cult and religion – I think that all religions are simply mythology-based cults that have persisted long enough and deluded sufficient followers to gain Official Cult Status. Since all supernatural-based religions require a suspension of critical thinking, all adherents of supernaturalist religions qualify for the Latter-Day-Stupid designation.

For a scholarly examination of why Romney's Mormonism ought not to be taken as evidence of fitness for presidential office: Suddenly South: Joining the Faith Club.


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