Knickers in a Twist

A passing . . . er . . . man got his mormon knickers in a twist over Holy Drawers, Batman! Let's call him Knickers. I deleted the following diatribe from comments because I wanted to yank down his sacred bloomers in public. Here is his nonsense in all its over-emotional glory, color coded in brown, with my rejoinders interspersed.

If you think that by showing Sacred things on the internet, so everyone can see, is going to break the mormon religion or actually have people believe what you "think" goes on... maybe you better do your homework a little better next time.

I pulled the image of the sacred knickers, aka "the garment", from the Internet, where they were available for the gaze of anyone interested in uninteresting underwear.

"Sacred" is a man-made category that has no intrinsic validity beyond that assigned by claimants and accepted by the credulous. Admittedly, if I were to personally see God stitching up these unattractive garments and planting the divine kiss of approval on them, then I might accept their designation as "sacred". I still would not wear them because I approve of the actions ascribed to God about as much as I approve of Dubaya's. Perhaps less.

I should love to have a satirical, long-buried, little-visited post bring down the mormon (I’ll happily drop the uppercase) or any other delusion-inducing religion, but I did not, as Knickers believes, write that post in that hope. It was whimsical.

I always love the way people like Knickers employ quotation marks – he meant to cast aspersions on my intellect by the use of inverted commas around the word think. And yet I am unmoved by his insinuations. As to what goes on in the mormon religion, I have inside information, there is information all over the Internet, and there are those exciting photos of undies. I actually had done my homework, as he may well have realized. He merely thought to throw me, or readers, off the scent.

People have been trying to get people to hate the mormons for hundreds of years, but for some unknown reason their numbers keep getting larger!!!

I nearly fell off my chair laughing at the statement: "but for some unknown reason their numbers keep getting larger!!!"

To be telling the truth that the reason is unknown, Knickers would have to be unaware that mormons bang on people's doors in an attempt to draw new, income-tithing suckers into the LDS Church. This would indicate either that he is immensely ignorant or that he is lying. He's actually probably an adolescent "elder" who's currently paying to go on a mission. (Yup, folks, this immensely wealthy Church expects its missionaries to pay their own way.)

I am informed (by a mormon) that mainstream Christians do not even consider mormonism to be a Christian religion. But hate? Nobody has ever asked me to hate mormons. I think that mormons and JWs are widely held in mild contempt, partly because of their irritating proselytizing and partly because of the exaggerated stupidity of their claims.

And this little tiny thing that you have done, has no effect on any mormons, the thing it has an effect on is your salvation! The mormons are going to rise again, just wait..andwhere will you be?

One wonders at his bothering to comment, then.

I love the predictable way that Knickers finishes with a threatening flourish. A good old fallacious appeal to fear that may fool religionists but that has no effect on atheists.

Where will I be when the mormons, who have never actually been in a majority, rise in numbers? Hopefully, should such stupidity ever surge dramatically, then I will already be dead. By this I mean that “I” will no more exist as a sentient being than I did prior to development of my central nervous system. And nor will any others, mormons included, who have shuffled off this mortal coil. No God means no Hell, no Heaven, and no cause to fear anything except natural disasters and the consequences of human stupidity.

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