A Matter of Faith

This segment on atheism was aired on the "CBS Sunday Morning" news program (8/19/07). Interviewees include atheists Christopher Hitchens and Julia Sweeney, and a theist, Stephen Prothero (who pulls out the ridiculous Stalinist-atheist argument).

There is also a clip of the late Madalyn Murray-O'Hair, who so upset religious fundamentalists by her successful legal appeal to have the US Constitution upheld by removing prayer from schools. Madalyn founded American Atheists and, in a case reminiscent of Selena's, she was murdered at age 76 (1995) by David Roland Waters, an employee of American Atheists.

This program was aired on a conservative USian TV network, so it is no surprise that the producers attempt to monopolize on the recency effect by ending on the "faith" note and cutting Julia Sweeney's response short.

The video is available on YouTube and Richard Dawkins' website.

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