Should be Expelled

First, take some Gravol or Dramamine, then sit back and watch Pro-ID Ben Stein and yet another cognitive-conservative congratulate one another on shared ignorance and prejudices. Expelled, in case you have managed to avoid knowing of this celluloid travesty, concerns self-designated victims-of-evolutionist-meanies whining about those 'nasty' scientists who refuse to pay heed to creationist pseudoscience.

I have to assume that admittedly science-ignorant Ben Stein actually believes the roborot that he parrots. Stein appears to be reading his lies from cue cards (no, I didn't omit an 'n').

Ben studied economics and law, so perhaps he knows too little science even to invent these more-stupid-than-usual straw man misrepresentations of science. IDiots are typically not only ignorant of the facts of science, but are utterly unaware of what actually constitutes science. One could excuse Ben for not knowing the difference between science and IDiocy, but Judge John Jones is also a lawyer, and he recognized the difference.

Here's the trailer for the movie that could only appeal to the already deluded. "My duty to get the word out, before it's too late . . ."

Clearly a new category is needed to rate movies such as this: "IDiocy Warning: not recommended for audiences with an IQ above 70."

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