IDiots and FUX News

Conservatives appear to believe in free speech only so long as it benefits them. Both FUX (or FAUX) News and the so-called Discovery Institute have recently filed DMCA claims against critical videos. In the case of DI – brought to you by IDiocy – these are false DMCA claims. In the videos made by DiscoveryInstituteID, NONE of the DI-like material is owned by the DI, and nor is the material owned by FUX News that appears in DonExodus2's video (critiquing Casey Luskin's lies). It is against the law to file false DMCA claims, as dprjones points out.

The IDiots at the so-called Discovery Institute would have been wise to know the difference between a tuber's photoshop creation and their own images. They would have been very wise to know the difference between DI and FUX.

The result of their control-freak stupidity is pages of mirrored videos, which are uploaded purely to support those exposing lies and to thwart the intended impact of false DMCA claims. So we risk losing a channel, so what! Tubers have repeatedly demonstrated that, like the mythical Jesusian event, users resurrect themselves within days. The only inconvenience is re-uploading videos and contacting subscribers.

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