fassunglos sein

Incidentally, the title is German for losing faith - Losing My Religion.

I will never really understand why those of moderate intelligence, who have the advantages of a modern education cannot see that they have been thoroughly conned.


Of course, many individuals in the Western world do not get the advantages of a modern education. Instead, they are brainwashed into delusion, often through religiosity-protecting, anti-knowledge homeschooling.

The original music was stripped from the video below because of WMG's greed.

If you want to see a slightly longer version with the song that I originally intended (by a different group) click here.

By the way: BOYCOTT WMG products. Other music companies are not so petty as WMG, so make WMG suffer for its greed. Make its meanness backfire!

Morin Huur is a Mongolian folk dance.

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