Dotty and the Wizards of Odds

This photo, posted by Honji, begged for the video. Get out there and save the world, USians!

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Honjii said...

Love the video.

I live closer to the Mexican border than Palin does to Russia, so perhaps I should be the VP, or at least head of Immigration. I can also see the moon and the stars so doesn't it make sense for me to head up the space program?

salient said...

Honjii for Veep? Why not? You are probably much more logical that Brat or Maverick -- certainly Brat.

Palin doesn't even know the name of the Prime Minister who shares a land border with the great state of Alaska. What's worse, she thinks that Quebec is a separate country.

Never mind just running the space program. Why not rule the universe? Where's your ambition???