I don't believe it!

Well, in truth, I don't believe a lot of things that I'm told. The latest tall tale to arouse my skeptical side concerns Dubaya's IQ.

An ad on YouTube's index page claims that Dubaya's IQ is 125, and invites the credulous and unwary to test their own IQ. The obvious answer is that anyone who clicks really does need their IQ tested!

Perhaps this unbelievable number represents a raw score rather than a normalized score. No sober person with a verbal IQ close to 125 could possibly make so many bloopers. For Dubaya's normalized global IQ to be 125, he would have to be a genius in other areas. The world would be a better place if he really could do the math.


Ha! A friend, who's IQ is a lot higher than 125, actually did click on the ad. As expected, it was a "pull". The test itself was full of trivia rather than reasoning questions, and the result was only obtainable by providing an email address or a cell phone number – an invitation to be spammed, in other words. My guess is that all participants would be informed that their IQ is higher than Dubaya's – and this much would probably be accurate.

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