Theists need not respond

The question was “Beliefs in addition to atheism (pick all that apply)”

When I wrote “in addition to atheism”, I intended to indicate that only atheists should respond. I have never heard of an atheist who is not an evolutionist, but of the 24 who have responded to date, only 21 were evolutionists, while 4 were conservatives. I’m willing to bet that 3 of the conservatives were creationists, and hence not atheists. Perhaps there was a little difficulty with reading comprehension in the non-evolutionists. Let’s be generous and assume that they did not read the question carefully. Obviously, there is another possible explanation for comprehension errors made by conservative, creationist, theists.

The number of liberals nearly matched the number of humanists, and the number of skeptics nearly equalled the number of evolutionists.

Liberal = 17 (70%)
Conservative = 4 (16%)
Humanist = 16 (66%)
Skeptic = 20 (83%)
Evolutionist = 21 (87%)

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