Pat Condell on Mitt mitt die üntergärmënts

I love this guy! Pat Condell can make even discussion of LDS eccentricities sound amusing. Wait a minute – anyone except a Mormon can make LDS eccentricities sound amusing. The youthful "elders" who attempt to proselytize probably just make their beliefs sound boring and ridiculous. I don't personally know – I don't let them in because I have no intention of wasting my time on sales pitches that could never convince me. Julia Sweeney did let a pair in – with hilarious results.

If I have not proven so credulous as to believe in the crucifiction and resurrection of the never-born-to-a-virgin, then why should I believe in lending libraries for gold tablets? Why should I believe that the Angel Moroni would not have left the glittering proof for all to see? I grant that stingy old Moroni may have realized that many humans are credulous enough to believe a sales pitch despite the absence of corroborating evidence. After all, the ploy had worked before.

Why would I believe that an impoverished charlatan such as Joseph Smith would have given gold tablets back?

Why does anyone believe such nonsense, especially if it means wearing the garment? I have the answer, of course, but I am too polite to elaborate.

However, as Pat intimates, scientologists are even worse.

hat tip to TJM for posting the video.

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