Dan Dennett at AAIC '07

Dan starts talking at around 17:20 into the first video, should you want to skip the introductions.
This video has Dan giving an interesting exposition on the fear of 'reflective' theists that atheism really could bring society to a crashing halt in a catastrophic collapse. Perhaps these paranoiacs ought to take a vacation in Norway (cartoon).

In the second video, Dennett discusses the likelihood of disbelief in self-proclaimed 'believers', the "Nancy Drew" conversion phenomenon, "brights" and "supers" and "murkys" (mysterians such as Tom Nagel), coming out of the atheist closet, Concorde fallacies, John Updike, Belief in Belief, weathering of the God concept and doctrinal tweaking towards deism, "they've been on the run for 1,000 years", the embarrassing New Apologetics tricks such as 'witnessing' and 'personal testimony' and how to respond to these con-artist tricks (give notice of being forced into a need to be rude=name the trick and embarass them ), David Sloan Wilson and factual versus practical realism, and optimism.

AAIC 'o7: Ayaan Hirsi Ali at the AAIC :

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