You might have to be one . . .

You might have to be one to enjoy the humor:

. . . I'm one

. . . canajun, eh?

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I Spy

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High Crane Drifter

Classic Niles at Cafe Nervosa:

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The funniest silent five minutes . . .

Classic Niles:

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How do you say 'Fiasco' in German?

Apparently I mistranslated through Les Freres Heureux to unconscionable fraud:

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Psycobabble Theme

Enough to generate nervous twitches:

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Niles' influence?

Perhaps because of David Hyde Pierce's influence, perhaps because the show was unusually sophisticated for an American comedy:

The station manager episode:


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Alice in Everwonder Land

I cannot imagine how 'Alice' did butter in what appears to be a single take:

I like the British attitude to religion – tolerantly amused.

Alice's view of evolution:

Get the to a Nunnery:

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These men died for us . . .

Perhaps only those who watch BritComs and nature programs will catch all of this humor.

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Beyond Washoe – meet Gerald

Washoe was a chimpanzee who learned 151 communication signs. Gerald the gorilla seems to have achieved somewhat more:

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Hoisted on his Own Sword

Gunning for Günner in three languages:

I don't know . . .

A friend sent me a link to this. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry:

I must confess that I could only guess two of the nations in Bush's "Axis of Evil", but then I have never paid attention to anything that Giorgio has said.

I sincerely hope that they edited out the majority of responses from people who could actually answer the questions.

At least the following looks pretty while she . . . er . . . 'answers' a question.

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